• Organización y realización integral de Ferias, Exposiciones y Congresos
  • Un estilo profesional de larga trayectoria, sólida experiencia y calidad de servicio
  • Ferias comerciales de gran envergadura
  • Expertos en eventos de negocios técnicos y profesionales
  • Productos feriales y editoriales

R. Santi & Asociados S.A.

R. Santi y Asociados SA is an Argentinean company specialized in organizing and conducting trade shows, exhibitions and congresses, expert in the business, knows the market and its opportunities for the production of successful business meetings.

The long and distinguished history in the activity of its managers and members guarantee the excellence of quality and service achieved in each event organized.
Thanks to the performance from its events, the company occupies a leading position among the benchmarks of the activity.

Our Trade Shows and Featured Products

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Experts on leader projects in the market
R. Santi y Asociados SA is managed by professionals with solid and proven experience in the trade show business, with a long history of 30 years in the organization of national and international events, and distinguished performance in various institutional and entrepreneur’s fields.

Those who lead the Company, with amply demonstrated solvency in the professional sector, have been successfully conducting numerous high complexity events with massive presence of the visiting public.

Our staff boasts a strong vocation, knowledge and skills in conducting trade shows and exhibitions of various sizes, with a keen commitment to our customers by providing a responsible, efficient and quality service.


R. Santi y Asociados SA has the knowledge, means, human resources and work methodology to make the event a success. This efficient coordination of the resources has been achieved over time, with our exclusive dedication to the industry, and the commitment and courage of an entire group of professionals.

Business Philosophy

R. Santi y Asociados is identified with the culture of efficiency and quality of service in the framework of professional ethics and entrepreneurship. Our projects are on indisputable values that distinguish the nature of the business.

We work with those entities and sectors that need to strengthen their institutional identity and figure, researching their market, evaluating the competence and planning policies that best suited to its performance in the exhibition business.

We assist our clients designing new ways of exhibition promotion, through innovations in exhibition presentation and innovative marketing activities, tailoring solutions to each customer's needs, its investment opportunities and markets in which it operates.

Through our performance, we have gained solid experience in the recovery of products and its repositioning in the market, thanks to our own style and working methodology of high demand and courage.

The Strategy

The Knowledge of the trade show business allows us to design appropriate strategies to the needs of each client, taking into account global trends, requirements and national situations to achieve the best results.
The fluid communication with the customer and the exhibitor, and the personalized attention is part of our philosophy, making this not only an efficient exchange of political loyalty, but also an interaction that promotes the strengthening of the image and identity of the customer and their product as well as the maximum utilization of all resources.

Feasibility Study - Opportunities and Risks

Advisers for the analysis of key competitors needs and differences. In this way we can establish the feasibility of the project, its effect on the market and the chances of success.

Communication Policies

We develop intelligent marketing activities and promotional programs designed especially for each event according to the profile of the customer, the exhibitor and visitor.
We outline effective outreach campaigns through agreements with mass Graphics Media, television, radio, outdoor ads, etc.

Our Customers

We solve the needs and requirements of different sectors related to industrial production, technological, and professional services.

In addition to events of our membership and authorship, we organize and run on-demand products by entities such as Chambers and Business Associations, institutions, NGOs, Government organizations, Embassies, foreign companies and organizations and all Groups of Commercial Interest, Productive, Cultural or Social, interested in producing, performing and / or organizing a trade show, exhibitions, congresses or event on various topics.

Noticias y Novedades


Buenos Aires, 17 de agosto de 2019. ¡Inaugura la 28º FERIA INTERNACIONAL DE CAZA, PESCA Y OUTDOORS – ARMAS 2019! Será una gran edición que se hace realidad gracias a un esmerado trabajo de sus organizadores R. Santi y Asociados S.A., de los 152 exposit

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Rumbo a la 28º Feria Internacional de Caza, Pesca y Oudoors ARMAS 2019 que se realizará del 17 al 25 de agosto en La Rural

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Próximos Eventos

2020: Debido a los acontecimientos de público conocimiento durante el año en curso no se realizarán eventos feriales.

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